Pavement & Asset Inventory

ESP invested in vehicle-based scanning in late 2010, with the purchase of the first Trimble MX8 system ever produced in the U.S. Since then, we have added 4 additional systems to meet our clients’ needs for mobile scanning services. In 2020, we also added an IrisPRO Pave data collection vehicle for comprehensive roadway condition assessments.

ESP Pavement & Asset Inventory

Pavement & Asset Collection Capabilities

ESP Pavement & Asset Inventory

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Complete Data in a Single Mobilization

Today, we combine state-of-the-art pavement collection and survey-grade mobile mapping sensors in one vehicle, which allows us to gather imagery and location of your assets, for your entire network of roads, in a single mobilization.

ESP Pavement & Asset Inventory
ESP Pavement & Asset Inventory

Equipment Features:

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