Rocky Branch GIS Stormwater Inventory

ESP is supporting the City of Columbia with the inventory and assessment of drainage assets and the planning, design, and implementation of stormwater improvements within the Rocky Branch Watershed. The project, which is located in a high-profile urbanized area with a history of flooding, is being performed in multiple phases.

The project is currently in Phase 1 (Preliminary Engineering). Phases 2 and 3 will include design/permitting and construction services, respectively. Overall project tasks will include data collection/compilation, drainage system evaluation, improvement alternatives, design, permitting and FEMA map revisions, construction services, and public outreach.

The project encompasses a range of civil, geotechnical, survey/SUE, and environmental services.

Rocky Branch GIS Stormwater Inventory

ESP also supported the City of Columbia with inventory and condition assessment for more than 6,000 pipes and structures within the Rocky Branch watershed, a 3.5 sq. mi. area southwest of downtown Columbia. As part of this project, ESP managed a subcontractor under the city’s mentoring program. The city’s inventory assets, their associative attributes, condition assessments, and GPS locations were collected in a two-step process.

During the first pass, asset attribution, condition assessment, initial GPS survey, and connectivity lines (i.e. drawing pipes and/or connectivity lines) were completed using a smartphone/tablet with Arc Collector and Sewer Link, Trimble TSC3 data collector, R10 GPS receiver, and Envirosight Pole Camera. Quality control measures were implemented to identify any missing or incorrect data before initiating a second pass. During the second-pass, GPS survey was performed to validate the accuracy and precision of location surveys and to mitigate any missing or incorrect data.


City of Columbia, SC



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