NC State University Enterprise GIS & Stormwater Inventory

ESP supported NC State University on an initiative to develop and migrate campus utility asset information to an enterprise GIS system. In 2017, ESP completed a functional requirements analysis for all eight campus utilities (water, sewer, telco, gas, etc). Based on the assessment, NC State University tasked ESP with a conversion of its stormwater utilities, which spans an estimated 65+ miles across five campuses in Raleigh, NC. 

NC State University Enterprise GIS & Stormwater Inventory

As part of the stormwater conversion, ESP developed a database schema, extracted existing feature information from a master utility AutoCAD file, and migrated/processed features into a GIS geodatabase. Data processing included a combination of sophisticated automated and manual techniques to orient, snap, and attribute raw features. Overall, ESP migrated 18,000 features into five feature classes representing pipes, drainage structures, pipe ends/NPDES outfalls, stormwater control measures (SCMs), and stormwater valves. Deliverables included a complete stormwater database along with a project report and detailed metadata.


NC State University


Raleigh, NC


Completed in 2017

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