West Branch Rocky River Greenway

Connecting the River Run and Summers Walk neighborhoods, this 0.75-mile pedestrian and bicycle route will traverse the West Branch Nature Preserve and lengthen the Town of Davidson’s extensive network of greenways and paved sidewalks that currently connects Antiquity Trail, South Prong Rocky River Greenway, and the existing West Branch Rocky River Greenway. Thoughtful design of this trail will create unique opportunities for community events such as races, benefit walks, and linear festivals as it crosses through county-owned properties and connects with existing and future trail segments.

This 10-foot-wide, ADA-accessible paved trail will allow residents of all abilities to enjoy West Branch Nature Preserve, one of Mecklenburg County’s most ecologically diverse wetlands. Design will focus on creative, sustainable solutions to celebrate and preserve this important asset. Building a paved trail through a nature preserve with challenging typography has required extensive coordination between the Town of Davidson, NC Department of Natural Resources, and our environmental partner to create a positive and accessible user experience while also making minimal impacts.


Town of Davidson


Davidson, NC


0.75 miles


In Progress

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