Mount Pleasant Hazard Mitigation Plan

As part of an on-call emergency management contract with the Town of Mount Pleasant, ESP worked with the Town on developing its hazard mitigation plan to remain in compliance with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000.

Our team coordinated with the town’s designated hazard mitigation planning team, which is comprised of public and private stakeholders, to identify plan goals and how to achieve them. We then incorporated the town-specific objectives into our proven hazard mitigation plan workflow.

Mount Pleasant Hazard Mitigation Plan

This workflow consisted of several in-person or remote meetings, including a primary kick-off meeting; a series of planning meetings, including a hazard mitigation workshop; draft plan reviews; and a final plan presentation. Through the process, our team assessed and documented hazards, vulnerabilities, and risks as well as available resources.

Once we completed our findings, we included them in a draft plan along with proposed mitigation strategies and prioritized action items. Once the plan was finalized and approved by local, state, and federal agencies, ESP worked with the town to help adopt and maintain the plan.


Town of Mount Pleasant


Mount Pleasant, SC


Completed in 2022

Plan Booklet Flip-Through

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